The price to attend this event is 1.200€ in shared dormitory accommodation.

We would love to offer different prices according to the economic status of each participant. Unfortunately, on this occasion we cannot make it possible. We hope that the event will be so successful that we will be able to introduce this system in the future. Remember that, if you are fortunate enough to enjoy a higher financial status, we have opened a donation line for scholarships.


  • event activities ( workshops, night events, performances )
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner, primarily vegetarian, spanning from dinner on August 18th to lunch on September 1st
  • basic accommodation on shared dormitories,
    (you can upgrade your accommodation for an extra price as you can see below )

    All prices are for the full event, and partial attendance is not possible.

Other accommodation possibilities:
All accommodation has shared bathroom unless otherwise indicated.
-Camping – 1150€
-Dormitory – 1200€
-Room (3-4 PAX) – 1300€
-Room with bathroom (3-4 PAX) – 1450€
-Double room – 1650€
Single room – 1800€

*Please, keep in mind that there is a limited number of spots in all accommodation type. The spots will be assigned by registration mail order. If the accommodation of your choice is not available anymore we will offer you other possibilities available.

Our team will take some days to answer, don’t worry if we don’t answer immediately, that means that we are, probably, fully immersed in another beautiful project like this and we will be back to you as soon as possible!


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Wich sleeping solution do you choose
All rooms with shared bathroom unless otherwise indicated. This price includes all the workshops and activities, 3 meals per day and the accomodation of your choice.
Please understand that we cannot fullfill your eating preferences, write only those which are dangerous for you. If these intolerances are too strict for our cooking team we will contact you to find a solution.